Case Study


UCLA Health ranked #1 in California in Cancer Care, but needed  to share this message with an extremely diverse local and state community in which 54% or residents speak english as a second, or even third language.  


Cancer is a disease that hits patients, and their loved ones especially hard.  In addition to the devastating stress caused by the diagnosis itself, access to quality care can be a challenge for many, particularly when also faced with a language barrier.  


We needed to ensure the community knew that, should they themselves in need, UCLA Health was ready to help all patients, regardless of their language of origin, all while adhering to strict HIPAA guidelines.



We instituted a complete UCLA Health messaging refocus directly on communicating the quality and availability of care – and cancer care in particular – to the multiple cultures that make up the local and state community.

We did extensive research. Then employed custom identity solutions, custom audiences, programmatic, paid search, paid social and connected television to effectively deploy a campaign of print and digital assets created in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic and Spanish language versions.

Each version was carefully built to address, and overcome the most significant barrier to entry faced by the individual community themselves, thereby providing UCLA Health the diversity of message to connect in the most authentic and effective way possible.

Campaign Assets


ARABIC 1200x1200 3
ARABIC 1920x1080 3
ARABIC 1080x1920 1


EN 1200x1200 5
EN 1920x1080 4
EN 1080x1920 2


ESP 1200x1200 1
ESP 1920x1080 1
ESP 1080x1920 3


JAP 1200x1200
JAP 1920x1080
JAP 1080X1920


KOR 1200x1200
KOR 1920x1080
KOR 1080x1920


Utilizing this individualized approach we were able to reveal a substantial and previously unidentified pool of patients and caretakers in need of oncological care and drive them directly to the client.

As a result, UCLA Health reported a 96% increase in ROI as tracked by successful patient appointment completions, a level never-before attained in the history of this esteemed medical network.

By demonstrating its recognition of and willingness to connect with the multicultural communities around them, UCLA Health was able to remove a profound barrier to quality care that and continue to honor their stated goal of “healing humankind, one patient at a time.”


Increase in ROI